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16 April 2023

Harness the power of breath with neuroscientific understanding.

This course offers an initiation in breathing techniques, grounded in knowledge of how our nervous system works, to inform and inspire the participant with practical and theoretical understandings. We learn to know and regulate our nervous systems, rewiring neurological pathways to build greater resilience. A vibrant experiential journey to find out what conscious breathing can do for us and what we can do by simply breathing. This course is designed to enlighten participants that are new to breath awareness as much as old time practitioners, offering handy tools for personal development, for health professionals and their clients, for teachers and their students.

The course starts on 16th April and unfolds in 4 weeks. We meet weekly on zoom on Sundays at 9.00am (Course webinar) and on Tuesdays at 6.00pm (Q&A and practice together).

Theory slides and the recording of theory sessions and practices are electronically sent at the end of each session to support participants’ learnings.

Extra material is offered along the week.

A group chat with teacher and students is created to connect and support the participants.

~ 16th April, Week one. Introduction to the Central Nervous System & Autonomic Nervous System. Initiation to Breath Techniques.

~ 23rd April, Week two. Looking into Polyvagal Theory, its implications and limits & the Default Mode Network. Introduction to new breathing techniques.

~ 30th April, Week tree. Exploring Hearth Math & Heart Coherence. New breath practices.

~ 7th May, Week four. Neuroplasticity & benefits of consistent conscious breathing exercises. Final breathing techniques and setting intention for personal practice.

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“A few weeks ago I attended a four week introduction to ‘breathing’ prepared and presented by Angela Mastronardi, Neurobreath Consultant at Manawa Ora. The course was comprehensive, robust in much of the science behind the benefit of breathing and the practices we undertook formed a basis of a lifetime of change. A true test of a course such as this is: does it really improve your well-being? Is it something you can build into your daily life? My well-being has improved and it’s empowering to know there is a simple tool available to us all, 24 hours a day, to call upon, to help smooth the edges of every day life. How amazing is that? It’s not magic, it’s just breathing. Thanks and happy breathing. “
                                                                                     Christoffer Van Ryn Writer, Photographer and Essayist