about me

Angela Mastronardi

NeuroBreath Consultant

Angela Mastronardi is a neurotechnician and yogini who offers a combination of breathing techniques (NeuroBreath) to reduce stress and activate motivational states.

In 2010, Angela obtained a bachelor degree in Technician of Neurophysiology. In this role, she worked in Brisbane, Australia, for 18 months and then for 4 years at Auckland City Hospital, performing Electroencephalogram tests on patients.
Angela began her own journey with yoga in 2005 and in 2014 she accomplished her Yoga Teacher Training course in Rishikesh, India.

Since 2018, alongside her job for ADHB, Angela has been running the workshop “Improving Wellbeing, Neuroscience of the Breath” to various groups around New Zealand. Now Angela is honored and grateful to be in service offering Neuro-breath consultations for individuals and groups, in person and online.

Angela’s love for neuroscience, health and yoga began early in her teens and it has been a lifelong journey of acquiring knowledge. This is enabling her to share her wisdom with enthusiasm and clarity.

Her passion is driven by what can be declared as a ‘call for the greatest good for humanity.’ Angela has an innate joy and a people-oriented personality. The softness of her character and her empathic attitude are some of the skills that make her an excellent teacher of comprehensible neurophysiological mechanisms and breathing techniques. The understanding of these links results is a game changer in the approach of personal practice.

Receiving comprehensive knowledge about how our nervous system works and how we can rewire it by simply engaging in conscious breathing practices is illuminating for her clients. A theoretical and practical approach that uncovers how empowering and motivational it is to understand the neuro mechanism behind how we feel, their connection to our breath and how we can rewire ourselves into greater resilience. NeuroBreath may also be used to reduce pain and expedite physical healing.