Initiate your journey to better physical, emotional and mental health by learning how to get the best results from your nervous system using your breath.

Breathing is the most powerful tool we all have free access to empower ourselves to achieve our best physical, mental and emotional states. It is very common that people are not aware of the way they are breathing, while it is actually very easy to reach that connection with your breath. This connection is our bridge to change how our nervous system is wired, enabling it to unlock its best unique potential and allowing us to experience the happier healthier life we all deserve.  

Clients are introduced to a variety of breathing techniques, while being informed of the neurophysiological basis underlying what is practiced and experienced. Understanding the dynamics that regulate the nervous system, brain, heart and body functions sparks motivation and inspires consistency in the practice.


One to One sessions are designed to support individuals who want to open, establish or deepen a powerful path into conscious breath practice. Alongside the neuroscientific theoretical knowledge, you will experience a range of breath exercises with the aim to discover what is the most appropriate for you and your lifestyle routine.


Manawa Ora offers online workshops and in person day-long workshops for organizations large or small. The topic of the workshops is focused on the neuroscience behind the power of the breath to heal and allow our bodies and minds to thrive. NeuroBreath practices are offered alongside theoretical knowledge.

HAPPY FAMILY Parenting Support

Parenting is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences in a person’s life. These sessions will help make the journey easier, guiding you in understanding how our little ones’ brain works in terms of neurodevelopment and co-regulation, and how we can best support them in their first years of life to create a solid basis for their thriving adulthood.  

Working with Angela has initiated for me a path of stress reduction, greater concentration and clarity, heightened cognition and enhanced sense of inner peace.” Anahera Otehika

Receiving a session of conscious breathing from Angela really helped me to calm my nervous system. The method she taught me was so easy and whenever I need it, I can just apply it and I am calm again. It is even beneficial to practise this technique on a daily basis for feeling balanced as a preventative to any unconscious patterns of monkey mind slipping in and causing its usual havoc! Angela’s elegant and soft manner is reassuring and I would recommend her work for sure. Thanks Angel!” – Maya Meije

Angela Mastronardi

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